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Liya Kebede is a supermodel born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As a young woman, Liya did modeling in her native Ethiopia. She has remarked that the modeling industry in that country is quite different from the European catwalks from which she is now seen ubiquitously. In Ethiopia, she had to provide her own shoes for each runway show.

While in school at the French Lycee, a film director spotted Liya and introduced her to a French modelling agent. After completing her studies, she moved to France to pursue work through a local Parisian agency. After a short time, Liya re-located to NYC where she currently resides with her husband Kassy Kebede.

She has been seen on the covers of Italian, Japanese and Spanish Vogue, V, French, Flair, i-D and Time's Style ... read more

07 sep 13 'The Exhibitionists'...
26 jun 13 'Identitiy Politics'...
25 may 13 Liya & Joan in 'Survival Of The Chicest'...
03 may 13 Liya in 'Fresh Styles For Spring'...
16 mar 13 Liya Kebede in 'The Vanishing Underground'...
14 mar 13 Liya Kebede in 'The New York Now'...
09 mar 13 'Spring's Sea Change Brings Suiting That's Bold in Black and White'...
30 oct 12 Liya Kebede in 'La Guerrière'...
23 apr 12 Liya Kebede in 'Cruza La Linea'...
02 sep 11 Liya Kebede in 'Pop 'Lady' A New World'...
20 jul 11 'Double Take'...
18 jun 10 Joan, Jacquelyn, Liya, Stella, Caroline & Mirte in 'Indelible Ink'...
16 apr 10 'American Experience' by David Sims...
14 jan 10 'Runway': the Editorial
14 jan 10 'Runway' by Steven Meisel - Part I
14 jan 10 'Runway' by Steven Meisel - Part II
14 jan 10 'Runway' by Steven Meisel - Part III
14 jan 10 'Runway' by Steven Meisel - Part IV
14 jan 10 'Runway' by Steven Meisel - Part V
14 jan 10 'Runway' by Steven Meisel - Part VI
23 aug 09 'Tonight's The Night'...
21 aug 09 Viktoriya, Sasha, Coco, Karen and Liya in 'In The Mood'...
13 apr 09 Liya, Natalia, Anna, Isabela, Lara, Jourdan, Raquel, Caroline & Natasha on Vogue cover
02 aug 08 Raquel & Liya for Lanvin FW0809
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Born:January 03
Height:178 cm
Bust:82 cm
Waist:59 cm
Hips:88 cm
Eye color:(you tell us ...)
Hair color:(you tell us ...)
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