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Lily Cole was born in Torbay, England on May 19, 1988 and raised in London. She and her two siblings were raised by an artistic mother.
A chance encounter began her modelling career when she was fourteen. She was walking through the streets of Soho after a hamburger with friends when scout-turned actor Benjamin Hart approached her.
Lily ran, fearing she was being chased by 'some dodgey guy' but after being asked if she considered modelling she accepted and was signed on with Storm Models, the mother agency of supermodels such as Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford.

Lily's big break came almost immediately in 2003 when she caught the eye of photographer Steven Meisel who was captivated by Lily's long limbs, porcelain skin and fiery red hair. It was on that photoshoot, ... read more

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Birthday:May 19
Height:178 cm
Bust:81 cm
Waist:63 cm
Hips:89 cm
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