Beauty and the Product: Front Cover True Colours Box
16 january 2013

Beauty Belle tries and tests one beauty product every week, making it easier for you to decide which product to use to get that supermodel look! At the end of the year Beauty Belle will select the ultimate supermodel beauty product...

This week Beauty Belle tries and tests... Front Cover True Colours Box
(£25 for full set, available from

Beauty and the Product: Front Cover True Colours Box

If you are cleaning out your make up box this January and trying to streamline it why not go for a ready made set with a selection of products and colours?!

The brief: “A modern romantic concoction of sheer, shimmery and natural colours that emulate the transparency and see through fabrics found in almost every collection this season. Inside the box: 6 domed baked powder eyeshadows, 5 satin pressed eyeshadows, 5 lip-glosses, 1 cream nail polish, 1 glistening nail glaze, 1 double-ended mascara, 1 eye shader brush, 1 mini blending brush 1 retractable lip brush."

How to apply: Tips on how to apply the different products are included in the box.

The pros? This set has everything you need for a complete make up look from eyes to nails. The products have a good texture and a strong pigmentation making them last well throughout the day. The colours are well rounded and would suit most skin tones. Other box sets are available if you fancy different colours. Well organised and good quality this is a lovely set to have.

The cons? The box itself takes up quite a bit of room and you cant remove the products to put in your make up bag to carry with you throughout the day, making touch ups hard!

Super rating: 4/5 - A well rounded gift set that is full of fantastic products and colours.

Posted by: Beauty Belle

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