Beauty and the Product: Crazy Angel Golden Tan Duo
09 january 2013

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This week Beauty Belle tries and tests... Crazy Angel Golden Tan Duo
(£19.95 for set, available from

Beauty and the Product: Crazy Angel Golden Tan Duo

Getting a natural tan during the depths of winter can seem like an impossible task. Most fake tans look orange and streaky while professional fake tans cost a lot of money and during the festive season money can be a bit tight. However Crazy Angel promises a natural home tan kit for under £20. Let's put it to the test!

The brief: "Crazy Angels’ innovative formulations achieve fabulous sun free results. The tanning industry experts at Crazy Angel Headquarters have developed a beautiful and angelic tan. It is attained through naturally derived DHA and Erythrulose without the use of Alcohol, Parabens or Mineral Oil. Bearberry extracts soften and caress you skin whilst leaving your halo intact.”

How to apply: Gently massage the Halo Polish Body Scrub onto dry or damp skin using a circular motion paying particular attention to dry areas. Rinse with warm water. For the Golden Kiss Tanning Lotion wear gloves, and then apply to clean exfoliated skin. Do not moisturize before application. Use circular movements when applying, skimming over elbows, knees and feet. Allow 15 minutes to dry before contact with fabrics. Allow 6-8 hours for full development; avoid contact with water during this period.

The pros? The scrub has quite abrasive granules, which is perfect for prepping the skin. Both the scrub and tan smell delicious due to the natural extracts in this product and are a welcome change in the usual fake tan smell. The tan itself is available in three percentages indicating the depth of colour. For winter the lightest tan ‘Golden Kiss’ will probably be the most natural looking. If applied carefully in circular motions and left to dry properly, this product will get the job done, making you 'shine' in winter time.

The cons? It does take a while to dry so you couldn’t just pop it on before going out. You would have to apply it early in the morning or the night before an event, which is a bit of a pain, but fairly standard for home kit fake tans. Also the Duo pack does not include the gloves that you need for application, although plastic gloves are fairly easy and cheap to pick up elsewhere, this can be a bit annoying.

Super rating: 3.5/5 - Easy to use, nice smelling home-kit fake tan with a natural effect.

Posted by: Beauty Belle

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