The ten for 2010
31 december 2009

Looking back on 2009 we can say it was the year of Lara Stone. Her year is coming to an end while 2010 is coming, so it's time to look ahead. And although there are a lot more, we made a list of ten supermodels who can make 2010 their year! (The twenty-three for 2010 doesn’t sound that nice!)

Emily DiDonato

Booking great campaigns from the moment she started modelling, and that’s not that long ago! 2010 could be her reach to the top.

Nimue Smit

Just seventeen years old and this Dutch supermodel acted somewhat as the muse for Steven Meisel and the Italian Vogue this year. Maybe she will become an even bigger muse the upcoming year.

Kendra Spears

This American model is 21 years old and she did a lot of editorials this year, if she’ll do more campaigns and shows 2010 can be her big year.

Marloes Horst

Dutch supermodel which has come to the surface in 2009, she might well become one of the most wanted in 2010.

Karolin Wolter

German supermodel that really picked up on modelling in 2009 and is now working her way up to reach the sky in 2010.

Imogen Morris-Clarke

This British supermodel has finished a great year in 2009, maybe she can make 2010 her year.

Monika Jagaciak

This young Polish beauty (15 years) has done a lot of work already and 2010 might be her big breakthrough.

Charlotte di Calypso

This French model seems to have picked up her modelling work, we’ll probably see a lot more of her in 2010.

Katie Fogarty

Wanted American model this past year, if she becomes even more wanted in 2010 she can make it big.

Ymre Stiekema

This Dutch beauty has done a lot of work for Prada and although she has been off the radar the last couple of months, we expect to see a lot of her in 2010.

Posted by: Jazz

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